The Light of The World 

Cover art: “Light” by Sue Kemnitz.
Cover design: Jennifer Shoffey Forsythe
Author: James G. Johnston

Though he is known today, after two millennia, as Jesus Christ, while he lived he would have been called Yehoshua ben Yosef (Joshua, son of Joseph). This book—Joshua: The Light of the World—assembles, as a composite chronological story, the four New Testament Gospels about Jesus.

The Gospels enable us to both listen to him and observe the life he lived.

When we listen to him in those stories, we hear him refer to himself as “The Light of the World”; “The Bread of Life”; “The Way, The Truth, and The Life”; but never as “The Lamb of God”—that was the inference of others. Jesus’ death, understood as the death of a sacrificial lamb—an atonement for sin—conflicts with his gospel about the goodness of a fatherly God. Yet, the premise that he is Jesus Christ, the sacrificial “Lamb of God,” is still one of Christianity’s central doctrines.

This book seeks the original gospel of Jesus, before
the rise of Christianity.