Books for the Quest


Joshua, The Light of The World

Though he is known today, after two millennia, as Jesus Christ, while he lived he would have been called Yehoshua ben Yosef (Joshua, son of Joseph). This book—Joshua: The Light of the World—assembles, as a composite chronological story, the four New Testament Gospels about Jesus.


Jung's Indispensable Compass

JUNG’S PSYCHOLOGICAL TYPES could be thought of as a compass useful for navigating the “middle way” to a vital and uniquely differentiated life. For Aristotle, the middle way was the golden mean, the way between extremes to happiness, “the best, noblest, and most pleasant thing in the world.”

collaborative genius

Thriving On Collaborative Genius

Why do some organizations thrive and others wither or fail? What are the attributes of leaders that will help create dynamic organizations? How can organizations become more responsive, collaborative, and creative? this book answers these questions

The Call Within

The Call Within

Too many people have stopped pursuing the joy of a purposeful life, instead setting or the commom life that Thoreau called "quiet desperation" Disatisfied with their work or unhappy with their lives, people look for answers about a meaningful life, but cannot find them.